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The Power of Letters is a collection of 101+ letters in an inspirational paperback book. It has a sole purpose to showcase the value of what a positive mindset can achieve. To help remind people to believe in themselves. With a positive frame of mind, you can achieve anything you want. This book shares real-life experiences from everyday people (some famous) from young and old for a diversity of thought across different life journeys.  

Our collection of letters will inspire you. 


Challenges can come in all shapes and sizes, and mental health in all its guises does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone, any race, gender and at any age, with varying impact. No matter what you are going through and dealing with, it is always good to know that you are not alone.  


We believe by learning from other people’s experiences and reflections, you can find hope. Even from adversity and by maintaining a positive mindset, you can achieve an optimistic future.

Thank you for your support.

The Power of Letters by Team Inspire

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We believe in a world where the physical and digital world work in sync and through this book we aim to celebrate the joy of letters. Our book, either printed or as an ebook, is there to make a difference to you or to others whom you may wish to inspire.


Our compilation of letters will come from that little boy sitting in the park who wants to tell you how he made a new friend. It will come from your manager who overcame the anxiety of overseeing people. It will come from the bodybuilder at the gym who overcame body confidence issues. We want to spread the joy to young and old about the good that that they see, and all the while reviving that nostalgic feeling of opening a letter, in our book, available to you whenever you need inspiration.  


The Power of Letters will be your companion, you can access wherever you need, it can grow old with you and share the many adventures you will face in life’s journeys.

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the Prince's Trust

Team Inspire from Pitney Bowes are a passionate team of young professionals who want to make something that will help inspire, delight, and help people believe in the power of a positive mindset.


We are working as an independent group of people to raise money solely for The Prince’s Trust as part of the Million Makers a campaign to help support young adults


In recent times there has been a real need and drive to connect people around the world and our campaign is going to help young adults facing challenges step into the world and make their mark with our collective support.


Learn more about The Prince’s Trust and the Million Makers project

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