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John Penquet

If only I knew.

Path on the Water

If only I knew the path before me,
Where it led, where to go and how to be.
If only I knew how to respond to change,
To make the right decisions and to do more than make do.
If only I knew working too hard was folly,
Worrying about things and forgetting to be more jolly
If only I knew that life was so rich,
That living every moment was certainly not kitsch.
If only I knew that lives often are short,
Where every great moment should be enjoyed and caught.
If only I knew that that I was capable of more
That life was ever changing with opportunity for sure. 
If only I knew that life was not just about work,
That working to live would prevent any hurt.
If only I knew that I could enrich other lives,
That through love and compassion I could help others to strive.
If only I knew there was no time to worry,
That happiness and fulfilment should never be hurried.
If only you knew what a life you will lead,
You’d know what fortune was in every great deed.
So, forget the worries and fears holding you back,
And know that your course is one on a great track.
To know your true greatness will take time and great strain,
That hardship comes with this, some difficulty and pain.
But be sure of one thing that is undoubtedly true,
A life of fulfilment and joy is waiting for you.
John Penquet

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