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Gallery of Letters

Hopes & Dreams

From adversity, you can find hope. By having hopes and dreams, you can achieve an optimistic future.

Cute Cat
Cute Cat

The Power of Letters

Tina Baker, author of Number 1 Kindle bestseller Call Me Mummy.

I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was very young. I entered a short story competition at school. I didn’t win. Worse, I was bullied for even daring to think I was good enough to enter.

Hopes and Dreams

Charlotte Budd

The night he came home drunk I will never forget. His irritability soon turned in to rage followed by a violent outburst towards me, holding me against a wall pushing a phone in to my face and then kicking me in the back whilst telling me he wanted me dead.


The whole time I was greatly aware that my daughter only a few months old at the time was sleeping upstairs. This wasn’t the first time I had been frightened of him...

Thinking Man on Couch
Happy Boy

My surrogacy journey

Kirsten McLennan 

This is my story of how I became a Mum. It was a long journey and like most things worth fighting for, it was a hard one. It took us six years, several failed IVF cycles, three miscarriages and a selfless surrogate to bring our beautiful son Spencer John Wilson into the world. 

My path to motherhood was full of heartbreak and pain. But it was also full of hope and perseverance as I knew it would all be worth it in the end...

Dear Nannie

Anne Amlot

In search of adventure, you and your sister, both nurses, took the boat to England from Ireland in the 1930s. I can see you now on the top deck of the boat, laughing together at what was to come, as the wind whipped your auburn curls and the sharp breeze left a dew of salt on your faces. When you arrived, London wasn’t as welcoming as you expected. “No dogs, blacks or Irish” read signs on shop doors, as the fear of difference reached deep into the heart of the city...

Cliffs Overlooking the Beach

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