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Gallery of Letters


Learning from others’ experiences and reflections, you can find hope. 

Path on the Water

If only I knew.

John Penquet

If only I knew the path before me,

Where it led, where to go and how to be.


If only I knew how to respond to change,

To make the right decisions and to do more than make do.


If only I knew working too hard was folly,

Worrying about things and forgetting to be more jolly.

Love Hetty & Paula

(twitter @paulamarieart)

'Live your life without regret. It's complicated, it's challenging and shorter than you can ever imagine, but you must find the smallest of reasons everyday to make it truly wonderful.' 

My Nanna was called Hetty, and these were her words, words I have held onto like priceless fragments of life. I have lived another 35 years since she whispered this to me, not long before she passed...

Love Yourself

A Letter to you, Darling

Helen Aitchison

Dear darling,


I loved you before you were born and now you’re growing up at a speed too fast for my comfort. My youth fading like the jumper washed too many times, as you become a brilliant young person. You’re beautiful my darling, and your soul, mind and heart are equal in their beauty. 

There are life lessons you’ll learn; the positive, the detrimental and those you will teach others...

Kind gestures...

Debra Douglas

Kind gestures .... the power of a letter and the warmth of a human. Whilst I rushed around to board a plan to Scotland I sat back into my chair and sighed.


The last few years has had its fair share of emotions, along with the combination of lockdown, cancelled holiday, no school, cancelled weddings and of course my babies moving onto their next chapters of life...

Airplane Above the Clouds
Teacher and Student

10 things I've learnt about surviving being a foster carer. 

Debbie Douglas
  1. Warmth and kindness always shines through. Smile. Because those who don't smile back need it the most.

  2. Every single child that comes into your home will be scared. ( wouldn't you be ! ) their fear will empty out in a million different ways. 

  3. No matter what journey they have travelled they will always love their family. Home is home...

Be You
Image by Oliver Schwendener


Alejandro Cabral

"Mediocrity. The quality or state of being Mediocre." That is how Merriam-Webster's dictionary explains how I felt most of my life, especially through that period in my life between 18 and 25 years of age, when you are supposed to find a calling, study to become "a professional" and get a job that streams out of that professionalism...

Dear wanderer of our world


Dear wanderer of our world,

Silence, loneliness, departure, death..
The most powerful answer to a question. The unknown, untold, absence, and in our modern times
Silence is seen as the end.
However, silence has the single most effective healing property...

Image by mohammad alizade


Suzanne Baum

Always smile at everyone is a rule I try to live by and a personality trait I have tried to instil into my three sons. 

The saying a smile is the most important thing you wear rings very true to me. In a job where I interview people from all walks of life; from A-list celebrities to people going through harrowing times, smiling at them is the best way to connect. It not only breaks the ice but puts the person at ease...

Image by Erick Tang
Be You
Image by Thomas Park

To Whom it May Concern

Bill Hughes

Positioned at the right-hand corner of my father’s desk, was a poem by Robert Chambers carefully torn from a magazine.  The words and paper had faded from the many years of being under glass, but the clipping stood out for its significance as the only piece of paper on an otherwise empty and neat desktop...

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My (in)significant self

Ana Belic

Feeling pain is so subjective. When you feel stressed and emotional most often you start feeling butterflies in your stomach, which then leads to being sick, and then you start feeling the pain on your skin as if someone wounded you. When someone hurts you physically, what really hurts you is not the pain that comes from wounds. What hurts is the pain you feel in your heart because of what happened to you. You think less of yourself because you allowed that to happen to you, but you don't know how to make it stop. You think you haven't deserved it, but maybe you did. What do you know?...

Image by Thought Catalog
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